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Meridian Energy

Power generation

We're creating a sustainable future through renewable energy generation.

Our generation assets

  • Wind v2


    We own five wind farms in New Zealand. Find out more about our turbines and wind farms, and learn how wind power works.

  • Water v2


    Meridian owns and operates six hydro power stations in the Waitaki hydro scheme, as well as New Zealand's largest, most iconic hydro station – Manapōuri. Learn more about our stations, how hydro power works, and how we’re taking care of the waters we work in.

  • Solar v9


    Meridian is making watts while the sun shines with our solar installations across New Zealand. Meridian is helping businesses harness the power of the sun through our innovative, flexible payment options. We’re working on the country’s largest commercial solar programme. And we won’t stop there.

Community v2

Meridian Power Up community fund

Our Power Up community fund supports local projects in the areas where we have wind farms and hydro stations. It’s one of the ways that we recognise the importance of local communities to our operations.  

If you’re based near a Meridian renewable energy asset and have a project you’d like to get off the ground, apply now! 

Future projects

At Meridian, we have a portfolio of generation options that are either consented or being investigated further. Together these represent important opportunities to increase renewable generation in New Zealand significantly, with around 360 GWh of consents, options on 2,700 GWh and investigations underway for a further 1,400 GWh.

The electricity market

The price and volume of electricity we generate is determined by competitive bids and offers in the wholesale electricity market.  The market is operated in real time by the System Operator (Transpower) and closely regulated and monitored by the Electricity Authority (EA). They ensure market participants act fairly to competitors and customers. It’s important that the markets we operate in are open, fair and efficient - benefiting consumers and contributing to our long-term success.  

Meridian only generates from renewable sources. All the electricity that we supply to our customers comes from the electricity grid, which mixes electricity supplied from both renewable and non-renewable sources.

Our renewable fuel

We manage about 50% of New Zealand's total hydro storage, and collect information on the amount of water stored as snow so we can estimate its impact on inflows.

Current lake levels     Current snow storage

Environmental Management Guidelines

Good environmental management is essential to Meridian given our reliance on access to natural resources for existing generation and for development of new generation options.  Put simply, good environmental management is the foundation of our licence to operate, and aligns with our commitment to the 15th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Life on Land”.