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Water. Wind. Sun.

We're creating a sustainable future through renewable energy generation.

Our renewable generation assets

  • Wind farm on the hills


    We own five wind farms in Aotearoa New Zealand. Find out more about our wind farms and learn how wind power works.

  • Hydro station


    Meridian owns and operates six hydro power stations in the Waitaki hydro scheme, as well as New Zealand’s largest, most iconic hydro station – Manapōuri. Learn more about our stations, how hydro works and how we’re taking care of the waters with which we work.

  • Solar panels on a house


    Meridian is helping businesses throughout New Zealand to harness the power of the sun. We’re working on the country’s largest commercial solar programme.

  • Renewable asset construction

    New projects

    New Zealand needs significant growth in renewable electricity generation if it’s going to reach zero carbon, and we’re committed to playing our part by building seven new renewable projects by 2030. We call this our 7x7 ambition. We have a number of new renewable development projects underway, including wind farms in Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and Manawatū, an energy park (batter and solar) in Northland and a solar farm northwest of Christchurch.

The electricity market

The price and volume of electricity we generate is determined by competitive bids and offers in the wholesale electricity market. 

The market is operated in real time by the System Operator (Transpower) and closely regulated and monitored by the Electricity Authority. They ensure market participants act fairly with competitors and customers. It’s important that the markets in which we operate are open, fair and efficient – benefiting consumers and contributing to our long-term success.

Meridian only generates from renewable sources. All the electricity that we supply to our customers comes from the electricity grid, which mixes electricity supplied from both renewable and non-renewable sources.

Our renewable fuel

We manage about 50% of New Zealand’s total hydro storage, and collect information on the amount of water stored as snow so we can estimate its impacts on inflows.

Current lake levels

Current snow storage

White water

Tackling Zero

Tackling Zero is Meridian’s quarterly newsletter for people whose roles or studies are focused on sustainability, or for whom this is an area of interest. Each issue will offer Meridian’s insights into a topical sustainability issue, as well as stories on how we, our customers and supply chain partners are tackling sustainability. It also includes links to recent Meridian disclosures such as new policies and reports.