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Ōhau B hydro station

Ōhau B is a hydro station located in the Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand. It has four 53-megawatt generating units, and a generation output of up to 212 megawatts.

Ōhau B generates enough electricity for about 115,000 average New Zealand homes.

Ōhau B is a twin station with Ōhau C. Both hydro stations have the same generating capacity and they use similar equipment.

Water from Lake Ruataniwha flows through Ōhau B, then goes into the Ōhau C canal, which takes it to the Ōhau C power station and out into Lake Benmore.

Building Ōhau B

Ōhau B was built as part of the Upper Waitaki hydro scheme, which began in 1968.

It is a twin station to Ōhau C. Both have four 53-megawatt generating units and a generation output of up to 212 megawatts.

Ōhau C generates enough electricity for about 115,000 average New Zealand homes.

Key dates

  • 1977 – Construction begins
  • 1984 – Ōhau B fully operational

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