Your electricity meter

Sending us a meter reading

Here are some situations when you may want to read your meter yourself. 

We aim to read your meter:

  • in most urban areas, every second month
  • in most rural areas, every 3–6 months.

Or call us on 0800 496 496

How to read your meter

There are four kinds of meters, and you may have any or all of them at your place. Here’s how to read them. Make sure you send the readings from all your meters at once.

If you’re having trouble reading your meter, contact us.

A smarter way to manage your energy

Smart meters measure electricity in more detail than older style meters and enable two-way communication between the meter and the utility company.  For you, this means:

  • You’ll get bills based on actual reads (not estimates)
  • No need for frequent visits from a meter reader
  • Faster turnaround times for reconnection
  • Access to better data that means you can keep a closer eye on how much electricity you use and be more energy-efficient – see MyMeridian


 MyMeridian gives you the information you need to take control

With MyMeridian you can manage your account online — see your monthly use and account balance, and pay online. And, when you have a smart meter, you can also:

  • track hourly usage in dollar or units
  • stay up to date with snapshots of how much power you’re using
  • get a text or email when your usage meets the criteria you have set for high usage, or for a  high bill.

Smart Plans give you choice, helping you save money

With Smart Plans, what matters is not only how much electricity you use but when you use it. Smart Plans offer cheaper electricity rates at off-peak times of the day and week, such as during weekday nights and all weekend. Make small changes in your regular household activities and you could start saving money on your power bills.

Meridian currently offers Smart Plans to residential customers in the Christchurch area who are on the Orion Network. Meridian's Smart Plans will become more widely available as smart meters are rolled out and more network companies make the changes required.

Smart Plans will reach other areas over the coming two years. We’ll keep you updated on progress. Or you can contact us for more information.

Want to learn more about smart meters?

To find out more about smart meters, see this factsheet from the Electricity Authority.

Smart meters factsheet (PDF 211KB)

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