Supporting local projects near our assets

Meridian’s community funds support local projects in the areas near our generation assets. It’s one way we can recognise the importance of local communities to our hydro and wind operations.


Can you apply for funding?

Yes, if you live near one of our generation assets. These areas include:

What's the process?

When can you apply?

You can apply for funding at any time. We hold two to three funding rounds each year to decide which projects we’ll support.

How is funding allocated?

We review funding requests against the fund's objectives and a set of selection criteria to help us decide if the project supports sustainable community development. It's important to Meridian that community members help decide which projects we fund. Our funding panels are made up of a mix of Meridian staff and nominated community representatives.

If you have any questions, phone 03 357 9732 or send us an email.

Communications toolkit

Communicating to others about your project helps increase local support for it, and can help to generate additional funds and media coverage. It also gives other groups an opportunity to learn about you.

Our Community Fund Communications Toolkit (PDF 572KB) will assist you in creating and improving your project communications.

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