Plan what you want your business to do, and factor in future growth as these may affect your IT needs over time. Work with an IT services company who’ll use your plan as a brief to design the service you need. They can deal with all the various suppliers and you can get on with your job.

Security & backup

An IT service provider will provide security and back-up options, preventing the worst from happening and minimising the damage if it does.

Smarter documents

The way we handle documents, and the extent to which we can do so electronically, is getting smarter. Provide staff with paper-free options like tablets and smart phones. Make the forms your business uses electronic where possible, such as things like staff joining or customer sign-up forms.


Analyse your printing and document handling with the immediate aim of printing less.

There are a number of ways you can do this, such as centrally managing your printing via simple software attached to your computer network.

You should also consider green printing software to help analyse your printing, which helps reduce waste by previewing and removing unwanted pages and directs printing to the lowest cost printer available.

What we do


We have a company intranet which gives our employees access to news, forms, documents and contacts lists among other things, significantly reducing the amount of printing we do. 

IT services company

We work with an IT services company who help us purchase and maintain our IT equipment.

More things we do

  • We use our company website to capture all new customer sign-ups, and answering of key questions.
  • We use emails to speak to customers where possible, reducing how much we print.
  • We use cloud storage software, which reduces our costs and adds flexibility to where our employees can access information.
  • Our printers are set so they default to black and white, and double-sided.