Building a brighter future for Waipuna’s Community Centre

Waipuna Community, Youth and Child Services provide wrap-around support services for vulnerable young people and parents in Christchurch.

Solar on Waipuna’s Community Centre Transcript

Opening slide says Meridian Community Decarbonisation Fund on a white background with EcoMatters and Meridian logos centred at the bottom of the screen.

Upbeat guitar music begins playing.

Kath Prins, General Manager Community Youth and Child Services is sitting on a blue couch next to a yellow bunch of flowers.

Kath Prins says: Here at Waipuna Community Youth and Child Services were dictated to providing wrap around support for young people.

Footage of children jumping and playing on a playground plays as Kath’s voice over continues.

Kath Prins says: We have a preschool it's called Little Owls, it serves Christchurch East so a really vulnerable community.

We then see Kath sitting on the couch again.

Kath Prins says: The team here at Waipuna, they’re always looking for ways to work smarter,

More footage of the preschool and plays. We see a teacher sitting with a child outside in the sun, a teacher baking with young children and then putting scones into the oven. Kath’s voice over continues to play.

Kath Prins says: if we can save on operating costs that means we can put more money back into our young people and we've also been looking for a way to contribute to doing our bit for the environment, but we just never had the budget for it. Thanks to Meridian’s Community Decarbonisation Fund

The video then pans to drone footage of the solar installation as Kath’s voice over continues to play.

Kath Prins says: we've installed 60 solar panels on the Waipuna building and this has meant that we can free up some of those operating costs and put more back into our young people.

The video goes back to Kath sitting on the couch.


Kath Prins says: It's been a win win.


The video finishes.

Increased demand and an already tight operating budget mean the team is always looking for ways to reduce their overheads. Waipuna were mindful that they wanted to be more environmentally conscious but were limited by their budget. Through our Community Decarbonisation Fund Waipuna Community, Youth and Child Services were able to install 60 solar panels on their building - which not only enables them to meet their sustainability goals but reduces their operating costs, so they can focus on providing frontline services.     

It’s just one of the ways we’re using our power to make a difference.