The top 5 unspoken rules of public EV charging

We've got the top five tips of public EV charging etiquette

Don’t be that person… the one who bothers other drivers at public EV charging stations.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the top 5 tips of EV charging etiquette, so you can charge up like a pro and be a good sort to your fellow motorists.

  1. Be ready to charge when you arrive
    Plan your charge stops in advance so you can download the app, register, and have your AC charging cable with you if you’re using an AC charger.

  2. Don’t outstay your charge
    Only park in a charge bay when you’re actively charging. It’s a good idea to set a timer to check your charging progress on the app. When you’re done charging, move your car to free up the bay for the next person.

  3. Leave a note
    Leaving a note on your dashboard is an easy way to let other drivers know when you’ll be back, if they can unplug you or how to reach you if they’re in desperate need of a charge.

  4. Don’t unplug without permission
    Use Plugshare to check how long a driver plans to charge for or to ask a driver before you unplug them. Some EVs can’t be unplugged during or even after charging so it’s best to ask first.

  5. It’s okay to check the charger display of another EV
    It’s totally acceptable to check the display panel on the charger to see how long a vehicle has been plugged in for and the amount of charge. Similarly, don’t feel offended if someone checks the display while you’re charging.
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