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EV Plan

Choose a $200 credit or a FREE AC charging cable*

Get cheaper power from 9pm

Get cheaper charging rates from 9pm to 7am

Plus get an AC charging cable or $200 credit*, the choice is yours. Get set up for home charging with a dedicated EV plan and be ready to charge on the go with a free AC cable. Not all EVs come with an AC charging cable which you'll need to connect to public AC charging stations.


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 *Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply 

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How does it work?

Our EV Plan is available nationwide and is a day/night plan. This means you pay a different rate for power during the day than you do at night.

The night rate for our EV plan is lower than our other day/night power plans, costing you even less to charge your EV (and do anything else) from 9pm to 7am every day.

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    Free AC cable or $200 credit*

    You’re going to need an AC charging cable to use chargers at lots of public locations, so why not get one for free when you sign up? Your car manufacturer may not include an AC charging cable in the purchase of your EV.

  • Price Certainty v2

    Price certainty for two years

    When you sign up to our EV Plan you'll get fixed rates** for two years, giving you the certainty you need to control costs and budget for the future.

  • Smart Meter v2

    Free smart meter upgrade

    If you don't have one, we'll upgrade yours at no cost. Smart meters accurately record your consumption every half hour, so you can track your electricity use in real time and get the most out of your cheaper power rates from 9pm to 7am.

*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply

**Only government and regulatory changes like GST and the Electricity Authority levy can change. Fixed pricing applies when your price category, capacity and metering configuration stays the same and no new network charge is introduced. If any of these changes, and we can no longer offer the plan you are on, we’ll give you prior notice and help you find a new plan. Read the full Terms and Conditions.

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Make the most of your cheaper power

You can do more than power your car at night on this plan. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Use the delay start function on your heat pump, dishwasher or washing machine

  • Start the tumble dryer at 9pm, or 6am, for those early risers

  • Crank up the heat on chilly mornings from 5am to 7am to preheat your home

  • If possible, shower between 9pm and 7am


Talk to our team to learn more

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Why Meridian

All the energy we generate comes from 100% renewable sources – wind, water and sun.

  • Energy you can feel good about

    We’re a power company who believes in doing the best we can for people and the planet. We reckon it’s the only way forward for the future of our planet and we’re in it for the long haul.  

  • Award-winning customer service

    Our locally based customer service team are friendly as and are experts at helping you manage your power. And, for faults and emergencies, we’re here for you 24/7.  

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Ready to sign up or have questions?

Our team are on hand to help. Give us your details and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions or if you’re ready, get the sign up process started.

Frequently asked questions

What are the rates on the EV Plan?

Rates differ depending on your region. To view our rates in your area, chat with us via our website, or alternatively fill in the form above and one of our friendly staff will get back to you.

What makes Meridian’s EV Plan so different?

Our EV Plans night rates kick off from 9pm unlike our other day/night plans, which have night-time rates starting at 11pm. This means you can move some of your other household chores (like the washing) to earlier in the night to make the most of the earlier start.

When will I get my free AC charging cable or $200 credit*?

Once you are officially switched to Meridian you will receive a welcome email from us. If you selected the cable option during sign-up, your welcome email will include a link for you to select the cable you require. OEM Audio will then ship the cable to you within two business days. If you chose the $200 credit option on sign-up, this will automatically be applied to your account.

*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply

Why do I need an AC charging cable?

AC public charging stations require you to bring your own cable to use them. We think it’s a great idea to always store one in the boot of your car so you always have one on hand! To see where our AC chargers are near you, head to zero.meridianenergy.co.nz

What’s the difference between AC and DC charging?

DC (direct current) chargers are a fast charge, they send the power directly to the car battery without needing to convert it. Typically, you would use a DC charger at places like a petrol station if you were running out of charge and needed a significant top up quickly, these chargers have cables attached to them. Because they use a lot more power, and charge quicker in comparison to an AC charger, they are more expensive to use.

AC chargers are designed to be a ‘destination charger’, to use these you’ll need your own cable. An example of destination charger locations are places like the movies, malls, arenas etc. If you’re spending more than an hour visiting, an AC charger would be perfect for you. Relax at the movies while your car tops up or top up while you watch the kids play soccer – charging can now work in around you.

I have a question about my free cable what do I do?

OEM Audio are our cable experts! Give them a call on 03 365 2666 and they will be more than happy to help you with questions about your free cable!  

When will my charging cable arrive?

OEM Audio aim to have all orders dispatched within two business days. Once picked up by the courier you will receive a tracking number to the email address you provided when ordering. If you haven’t heard anything, feel free to contact OEM on 03 365 2666 and they’ll be able to assist you.

How long does it take to get set up on an EV charging plan?

The Electricity Authority says on average it can take 3-4 days to switch electricity providers however, it can take up to two weeks depending on who your provider was. Once you receive your welcome email from us, you’re officially switched over to Meridian.

I’ve bought an EV but it has not arrived yet, can I apply for the plan now?

Not yet! To get you switched to our EV Plan, we need the registration details for your car. Fear not, we have some other great plans to get you switched over in the meantime until your car arrives. Simply join online or contact one of our friendly staff on 0800 496 777 to find out which plan is right for you.