EV Plan Terms and Conditions

Effective from 23 February 2023 

  1. The EV Plan offers the following:
    • Special Night rates between 9.00pm and 7.00am
    • Day rates between 7.00am and 9.00pm. The EV Plan will be fixed for a term of 2 years and is only available for a single ICP.
  2. In order to be eligible for this EV Plan, you must meet the following criteria:
    • you must be a residential customer as listed on the national electricity register;
    • you must meet Meridian’s standard customer eligibility criteria set out in Meridian’s Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Electricity;
    • you must be the owner of an electric car (“EV”) and provide Meridian with the registration number of your EV;
    • the ICP to which this plan relates must be where you primarily charge your EV;
    • you must have an operational smart meter that allows us to process your electricity consumption data on a half hourly basis; and
    • the ICP to which this plan applies must not be located in an embedded network.
  3. On becoming a customer Meridian’s Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Electricity and Fixed Rate Plan (FRP) T&Cs will apply.
  4. We rely on your smart meter sending us meter readings every 30 minutes to be able to invoice you accurately.  If your smart meter is permanently damaged and stops communicating to us, then we will contact you and your Electric Car Plan will be replaced by another pricing plan of your choosing. 
  5. By accepting this Plan you accept that you may be required to verify to Meridian from time to time during the term of the plan that you own an EV and that you primarily charge your EV at the ICP registered on the Plan. To confirm that you own an EV you will be required to provide your registration number and Meridian will, using that registration number, be entitled to rely on third party websites to verify that you own that EV. You may also be required to provide other forms of verification if requested by Meridian.
  6. If you no longer own an EV or it is no longer primarily charged at the ICP registered on the Plan, then you are no longer eligible for this Plan, and you will be moved to a standard residential plan (at Meridian’s discretion). It’s your responsibility to let us know of this change in circumstance as soon as possible.
  7. Meridian may vary this Plan at any time by posting revised terms and conditions on our website.
  8. When collecting personal information Meridian complies with the Privacy Act 2020. Our privacy terms are contained in our Privacy Policy, available on our website. If you have any privacy query you can contact us.