The site for our proposed Harapaki wind farm is located within the Maungaharuru Range in Hawke’s Bay, approximately 35km northwest of Napier.

The site consists of two adjacent wind farm sites (Hawke’s Bay Wind Farm and Titiokura Wind Farm) that were originally consented in 2006 to Hawke’s Bay Wind Farm Ltd and Unison Network Ltd.

In 2010, Meridian purchased the consents for both sites. Since then, Meridian has spent a significant amount of time researching the site, studying its wind patterns and geography to determine the best layout that would complement the landscape while optimising the wind resource.

As of 2019, Meridian has approval from the Hastings District Council to construct and commission a 41-turbine wind farm. No confirmed start date has been set for construction.

Once operational, the wind farm will deliver enough renewable energy to power around 70,000 average homes, supporting New Zealand’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

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Computer simulations

The following computer-generated simulations show how the two consented windfarms (collectively referred to by Meridian Energy as Harapaki Wind Farm) appear from a range of perspectives.

Credit: Boffa Miskell, Landscape architect,

View from Berry Road


View from Waitara Road South


View from SH5 nearing summit from the East


View from SH5 nearing summit from the West


View from Waipunga Road


View from SH5 near Te Haroto