Meridian Energy is asking customers to be vigilant for scammers after reports of hoax phone calls from people claiming to be from Meridian.

If you receive a call from people saying they are from Meridian asking for your credit card or bank account details and you do not have an outstanding account with Meridian, please do not give out any of your personal information. Hang up and call us directly on 0800 496 496 (Meridian Energy customer contact centre).

Move house

It’s easy to take Meridian with you when you move house 

Simply tell us your new address and we'll get you connected at your new place.

As an existing customer, we’ll even waive the final read fee at your old place and if you use NZ Movers they will give you $150 off your move (when you give them your customer number)*. 

Not a Meridian customer - join now and get a great welcome credit.

Phone us on 0800 496 496 or move online.....


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