All the electricity we generate comes from 100% renewable sources – wind, water and sun. We believe it’s the only way forward for people and the planet. But there’s more to it than that. Meridian’s purpose, values and the way we behave help create a world we’re all proud to be part of.

Our purpose

Our purpose is clean energy for a fairer and healthier world.

It underpins everything we do: our values, how we behave, our strategy, and our stance on sustainability.


Our values

Putting customers first

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on what they tell us they value and we deliver it to them the best way we can. Our ability to innovate and adapt to customers’ wants and needs is the key to our success.



Meridian Energy office

Great place to work

We’re working to build a better future for our customers, communities, country and our team. That means offering environmentally friendly and flexible workspaces. Building a diverse and inclusive culture. Listening to and respecting everyone who works here. Valuing and appreciating the uniqueness that makes us individuals. Because a diverse team helps us to create a positive, successful environment. Together, we’re better.

work at meridian

Sustainability leadership

Sustainability defines who we are. Our enduring commitment to sustainability leadership is focused on areas where we can make a meaningful difference.

Our sustainability framework focuses on two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – SDG7 Affordable and Clean Energy, and SDG13 Climate Action. 



Our behaviours

Be in the waka

We share the load and get there as a team. We collaborate for the greater good.
We’re a community – in it together.


Be a good human

We are inclusive and kind. We have each other’s backs.
We give our all and pursue success.


Be gutsy

We dare to challenge the norm and do better. We’re courageous and make it happen. We’re honest and rigorous about performance.