Understand your bill

We make your bill clear and easy to understand. Check out the images below for detail about each section of your bill.

Page one

  • Customer number
  • Account number
  • Your energy pack
  • Units used
  • Contact details
  • Opening balance
  • Current charges
  • Amount to pay

Page two

  • ICP number
  • Charges for property
  • Recent energy use
  • Latest meter reading
  • Meridian charge
  • Network charge

Flexible payment options

Choose the right payment method for you.

  • Direct debit
  • Internet banking
  • Phone banking
  • Credit card
  • In person
  • Cheque
  • LevelPay
  • Prepay
  • Trouble paying?

Get your bill by email

Email bills are free. They’re simple to manage, registering is quick and easy, and online bills save paper, printing, and postage. You could save too. If you get paper bills instead, there’s an $1 charge.

If you’re a MyMeridian customer, go to ‘Settings’ to change to email bills.

If you’re not on MyMeridian, you can use our Update Contact Info form. 

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