Electric cars / vehicles

Why go electric?

Producing little or no exhaust emissions or greenhouse gases when driven, the latest plug-in electric cars are safe, feature-rich and increasingly affordable. Large fuel bills will be a thing of the past – depending on your situation you could potentially save thousands of dollars in fuel.


Today’s all-electric plug-in vehicles can typically drive 120-170kms on a 100% charge - more than enough for the average Kiwi commuter.

If you’re thinking of replacing your personal car or business fleet, going electric has many benefits:

High fuel economy, low operating cost

Plug-in electric cars can reduce your fuel costs considerably because of the low cost of electricity compared to conventional fuel.

Low maintenance costs

With longer servicing intervals and fewer moving parts there is less need for maintenance. Some estimate that you can save up to 80% on maintenance costs with an electric car.

Low emissions

Because of their low emissions, plug in electric cars' contribution to climate change, smog, haze and health problems is minimal.

High performance

Plug-in electric cars are very quiet, and unlike conventional vehicles, they produce smooth acceleration from a complete stop.


Road user charge exempt

Owners of electric vehicles are exempt from road user charges, which is a saving of around $700 a year.


The Government is working on legislation, expected to take effect on July 1 this year,  that will enable road controlling authorities to decide if they will allow electric vehicles access to specified special vehicle lanes.

Tax breaks

The Government is reviewing tax depreciation rates and the method for calculating fringe benefit tax to ensure business electric vehicles are not being unfairly disadvantaged. Watch this space!

Leading the way

If being environmentally responsible is important to you, going electric is a highly visible way to project a positive environmental image.


Charge up while you wind down

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Or top up for free

Find out where to top up your EV for free, with our partnership with Kiwi Properties.