Free yourself from fossil fuel

With around 80% of New Zealand's electricity coming from renewable energy, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce fossil fuel use and car emissions by going electric.

Electric Cars 101

It's not unusual to have a few questions about driving electric. To help answer these, we've pulled together a bunch of articles and helpful tips and tricks.

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Helping you help the planet

At Meridian, we want to reward you for your support of driving electric. That's why we have a great plan, awesome offers and special perks for customers who are as excited about going electric as we are.

Test drive an electric car

Electric cars will be a new way of driving. Here are some great ways you can try it out. 

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For businesses leading the charge

There's lots of reasons for New Zealand businesses to embrace electric - improving your sustainability credentials, showing leadership to your people and the knowledge you're doing your bit. We can help. 

  • Charging units
  • Fleet conversion
  • Safety tips

Electric vehicles for business