Agribusiness electricity experts

Choose Meridian, we make it easy to support 100% renewable energy

Pricing that suits your farm

We’re committed to providing farmers with choice as well as helping you save energy and money. We understand that each farm is different and we’ve got a range of pricing options to suit your needs.

  • Fixed/variable pricing
  • Seasonal rates
  • For your farmhouse

Dedicated agri experts

Our team of Agribusiness experts are Ag-ITO trained, and they cover the country.  They’ll give you the best electricity advice — for farms from the largest dairy operations to the smallest lifestyle blocks.

You’ll get great service for all your electricity account enquiries, a tailored power package for your farm and advice on energy products.

  • Our regional account managers

Bigger discount — pay through your rural supplier

Pay through one of these rural supply companies. It’s the simplest way to pay your power bill — and you get a better deal with a prompt payment discount of 12 percent. That’s two percent more than our standard discount. 

We work closely with these top rural supply companies, establishing pricing, services and terms to suit their members. If you’re with one of these companies, you really need to be with us.

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Sponsorships for rural New Zealanders

Like you, we believe we’re caretakers of the land. Our sponsorships of farming awards, initiatives, and organisations help us support  you.

  • Our nation-wide sponsorships

Electricity almost everywhere

You can join Meridian from almost anywhere in New Zealand. One farm or many, we’ll reach you and help you manage energy sustainably.


Electricity pricing explained

We’re just one of a number of participants in the supply chain that delivers electricity to your home, business or farm.

  • Electricity pricing explained

Got questions about joining Meridian?

  • How can I switch to Meridian?

    Switching happens in four easy steps:

    1. You tell us you’re joining Meridian

    2. We let your existing power company know you’re switching

    3. Your existing power company lets us know your final meter reading, which may be an estimate

    4. You’re switched. It’s that easy.

    Join online or contact us

    You can expect at least one more bill from your existing provider, but we won’t charge any switching fees or bonds, except in exceptional circumstances in accordance with our standard terms and conditions for the supply of electricity.

  • What are our business pricing plans and rates?

    We offer special rates, options, and services tailored to your business.

    You can work with us to tailor your rates to your seasons, your operations, or year round. We have experts covering the country, and partnerships with the farming industry.

    Our tailored pricing and customer benefits

    And with all our plans, you’ll get a discount if you pay on time and in full.

  • Does Meridian supply gas?

    We’re committed to generating energy from renewable resources. Because of this commitment, we don’t supply gas to our customers.