The top six advantages of driving an EV

We could talk about the benefits of driving electric ‘til the cows come home. But we’ve narrowed it down to our top six reasons why we reckon it’s great to drive an EV.


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Electric cars are better for the environment.

Owning an electric vehicle is like giving our planet a high five. We reckon you’re well and truly entitled to feel a little bit smug about your purchase - because choosing electricity over petrol is simply the right thing to do by our environment. Electric cars generate zero exhaust emissions. That means there are no nasties getting out into the atmosphere.

EVs cost less to run.

You know when you commit to filling your car up at the pump, and the dollar figure just won’t. stop. going. up? Yeah, us too. But where there’s a will, there’s a way: charging an EV is equivalent to paying around 30 cents a litre for gas. Not bad. They can be charged anywhere there’s a power point, and new EV charging stations are popping up all over the place.

If you want to charge your car at home, get yourself on our Electric Car Plan so you can charge overnight at cheaper rates*. Set the washing machine/dryer/dishwasher to run at night time too, and you’re on to a winner of a savings plan.

Another advantage of an EV is the maintenance. There’s just less to worry about (and pay for). No starter motor, exhausts or radiators here… take care of the brakes, tyres and suspension and you’ll be right as rain. And as for the battery, most manufacturers offer warranties of around 10 years. Real-world testing is showing they last much longer than that, though, and the likelihood of battery replacement in an EV is very low.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Electric vehicles will only get more affordable.

If you’re sold on an EV, but not so sold on the upfront cost, don’t worry - the secondhand market is growing. While they’re not yet as cheap as the banged up hand-me-down you learned to drive in years ago, this one’s about playing the long game and saving over time.

Many Kiwi companies are buying EVs as their fleet vehicles and international markets are already ahead of us in electric car volumes. So that’s good news: we can expect to see more and more accessible secondhand models available at car dealers and online marketplaces like TradeMe.

Electric cars drive like a dream.

All over the world, people are confessing their love for the feeling of putting the pedal to the metal in an electric vehicle. Acceleration is quick and smooth - since there aren’t any gears to worry about, as soon as you accelerate you’re at full power. Plus, since the battery weighs a decent amount, the car has a low centre of gravity: nicer to handle, and less likely to roll. Top marks for safety.

Ditch the petrol station.

Charge overnight and you’ll wake up to find what dreams are made of: a ‘full tank’. Every day. Simple as that.

Meridian Energy charging EV

There’s no better place to drive electric.

Well, there might be, but we’re definitely up there! More than 80% of New Zealand’s electricity is generated from renewable sources (wind, water, sun and geothermal) - making our country a great place to charge up. Essentially, you’re powering your car with cleaner energy as compared to most other countries. If you’re plugging in to electricity that comes mostly from burning dirty fossil fuels, it almost defeats the purpose, right?

Converting to electric is one of the biggest ways that New Zealand can reduce our emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels, since transport makes up about 21% of New Zealand’s annual emissions.


With that logic in mind, if you’re driving electric or your next purchase will be an EV, we reckon it makes sense to support a power company that generates energy from 100% renewable sources.

We’ve made it easy to do just that with our Electric Car Plan* - designed just for EV drivers, with cheaper night rates for charging. And, we’ll cover the cost of charging your EV for up to a year with a $300 bill credit (if you sign-up to a three year term). Sound good?


*Terms and conditions apply.