If you have no power, and you need it urgently connected (within 2 working days), or If you are medically dependant on power. Please call us on 0800 496 496 instead of filling in this form.

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Our credit check requires your full legal name (e.g. Samantha not Sam)

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It could be that you have a legal first name (Samuel) that you want to use a shorter version (Sam), or it could be that you like to be addressed as something that doesn't match your legal documents.


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We use this information to perform a credit check.

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Are you moving house while switching to Meridian?

Choose Yes if you are moving house and switching to Meridian at the same time, or have just moved but have not signed up with an electricity provider yet.

Choose No if there is no move involved and you're currently with another electricity supplier.


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Have you lived at that address for longer than 1 year?

Since you lived at your property for less than 1 year then we need a previous address for credit check purposes.

Is anyone in your household vulnerable?

Vulnerable means either:

  • relying on mains electricity because of age, health, or disability (a power cut may threaten health or wellbeing)
  • having genuine difficulty paying bills due to financial hardship.
More about vulnerable customers
Is this the first time electricity is being connected at this property (for example, because the building is new)?


Which type of electricity user are you?

We use different pricing for Standard Users and Low Users to make sure you’re getting the best price for your household.

in general if your bills are less than $200 then you're probably a low user
Find out how Standard User rates and Low User rates differ
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What's the difference between fixed and variable rates?

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This includes any special needs, ICP number (if you have it handy), and anything else we should know.

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