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Sign up to Meridian in a few easy steps. We offer different pricing plans and payment options so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit you. All you need is your address – but it might also be useful to have a power bill handy.

If you’ve got no power and need it urgently connected (within two working days), or if you’re medically dependent on power, scroll no further! Give us a ring on 0800 496 496 and we’ll talk it through together.

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Our credit check requires your full legal name (eg Michael not Mike).

We use this when we do a credit check.

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Please make sure that you enter a valid New Zealand phone number.

Your property

Are you moving?

Choose Yes if you're moving house, or you’ve just moved but haven't signed up with a power company yet.

Choose No if you're just changing power company at your current address.


This is the address we will sign up to be powered by Meridian.

Is this the first time electricity is being connected at this property (for example, because the building is new)?
Is the account at the property in your name?
Have you lived at that address for longer than 1 year?

Since you lived at your property for less than a year, we need a previous address for credit check purposes.

Is anyone in your household vulnerable?
More about vulnerable customers

Please read ‘more about vulnerable customers’ above and let us know how you (or someone in your household) are vulnerable. This helps us understand your situation so we can support you as best we can.


Which type of electricity user are you?

We use different pricing for Standard Users and Low Users to make sure you’re getting the best price for your household. If you use less than 8,000 kWh a year (or 9,000 kWh in parts of the lower South Island) of electricity at your primary residence (ie not a holiday home), the Low User option may be best for you. Otherwise, you’ll be a Standard User.

In general, if your average bills are less than $100 in summer or $250 in winter, then you're probably a low user.
Find out how Standard User rates and Low User rates differ
Which type of rates would you like?
What's the difference?
How would you like to pay your bills?

Thanks for choosing to pay your Meridian bills via online banking. We’ll let you know how to do this once your account with us is all set up.

Thanks for choosing to pay your Meridian bills by credit card. We’ll let you know how to do this once your account with us is all set up.

Direct Debit Authority

e.g. Samantha Stuart Smith

E.g. 12-1234-1234567-00

You can view our direct debit terms and conditions here.

I authorize my bank to direct debit this account with amounts from Meridian in accordance with this authority and confirm:

If your bank requires the signature of more than one person to authorise debits from your bank account you’ll need to complete a paper direct debit authority form instead. Contact us on 0800 496 496 and we can send you a form.


Finishing up

This includes your ICP number, and anything else you think we should know.

Terms and conditions

Need more info?

We do more than just keep the lights on. Here's a bit more about Meridian.

Good for people and the planet

We’re proud to support the Department of Conservation Kākāpō Recovery Programme, create opportunities for young Kiwis with KidsCan, and back grassroots community projects with our Power Up fund.

Learn about our projects


Award winning customer service

Our team are experts at helping you manage your power.

We’re locally-based and always quick to pick up the phone. And, for faults or emergencies, we’re here for you 24/7.

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Moving house is easy with us

We’ll make sure the power’s on at your new home, so you can enjoy a cuppa when you get there. 

We’ll sort the setup and even break the news to your old power company.

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