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Fixed or variable pricing plan?

Variable rate plan

With variable pricing you have no fixed term contract. We can change rates by giving you 30 days notice.

You can change from variable pricing to any available fixed pricing at any time.

Fixed rate plan

With fixed rate pricing, your Meridian charge and network charge each month is fixed for the term of the contract.

How does electricity pricing work?

We’re just one of a number of participants in the supply chain that delivers electricity to your home, business or farm.

The amount on your bill is made up of generation cost, transmission & distribution cost, metering cost, Meridian charges, government levies & GST.

Who is eligible for low user rates?

You're eligible for low user rates if you use less than 8000 units a year (less than 9000 units in parts of the lower South Island).

This only applies to your primary residence; you can't have the low user option for other premises on your account, like a holiday home, a sleepout, or a shed.

More about low user rates