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Electric Car Plan

Hit the road in an EV and we’ll give you a jumpstart with $200 credit* on our EV plan.

Give your EV journey a jolt

We believe that EVs are one of the best decisions that we can make when it comes to taking care of our planet. If you drive an EV or you’re looking to buy one, ka pai! Let us help make charging your EV at home easy and affordable.  

Our Electric Car Plan is available all over the country - so no matter if you’re in Kaitaia, the Bluff, or somewhere in between* - if you’re ready to plug your car in, we can help with cost-effective EV charging at home.  

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*Some restrictions and eligibility criteria apply 

Get cheaper power from 9 pm 

Charging your EV overnight just makes sense. But staying up till 11 pm to get cheaper rates? Not so much. That’s why our Electric Car Plan kicks off at 9 pm!

How does it work? 

Our Electric Car Plan is a day/night plan, meaning you pay a different rate for power during the day than you do at night. The night rate is lower than our other day/night power plans, so it costs even less to charge your car overnight.  

There are other perks too

When you sign up to our Electric Car Plan, you can get a $200 bill credit*, fixed rates** for two years and a free smart meter upgrade, if you don’t already have one. 

Make savings while the moon shines

Our cheaper night rates aren’t restricted to just charging your car. You’ll save on all the power you use between 9 pm and 7 am – so you can feel comfy running the dryer, gaming all night or setting the heat pump on a timer to warm the house up early.   

*Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply 

**Only government and regulatory changes like GST and the Electricity Authority levy can change 

Considering going electric?

As an electricity company with a 100% fully electric light passenger fleet, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about driving and charging EVs in New Zealand.  

We’ve got heaps of info about what they are, the benefits, the costs and how to alleviate range anxiety so you can feel confident about making the switch.

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