We’ll jumpstart your EV journey with a $300 credit* on our EV plan.

If you drive an EV, we reckon it makes sense to support a power company that generates electricity from 100% renewable sources. 

Sign up to our Electric Car Plan for cost-effective electric vehicle charging at your home. We’ll cover the cost of charging your EV for up to a year with a $300 bill credit*.


*Terms and conditions

About the Electric Car Plan

The Electric Car power plan is available for residential customers who own a plug-in electric car. You’ll get:

  • rates designed specifically for electric car power consumption
  • even cheaper night power prices (from 9pm) in certain networks
  • guaranteed rates for three years, and
  • a free smart meter install, if you don’t have one already.  


Cheaper power from 9pm

Are you in the Vector, Wellington Electricity, Orion, Powerco, Aurora or Unison networks? If so, you’ll also get cheaper night rates from 9pm – 7am.

What’s my network?

Our Electric Car Plan is a day/night plan, meaning you pay a different rate for power during the day than you do at night. The night rate is lower than our other day/night power plans, so it costs even less to charge your car overnight.

You’ll save on all the power you use between 9pm and 7am, not just what you use charging your car. So you can make the most of your savings by setting your appliances to run during these times too.

Day/night power plan not for you?

If you use a fair bit of power during the day and would rather not have a day/night plan, or you’re outside the six networks above, we’ve still got something for you. Just fill out the enquiry form and we’ll arrange a plan to better suit your needs.


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