Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about your power? Find the answer in these frequently asked questions. If you can’t see what you’re after, just give one of our team a bell on 0800 496 496.


How do I update my account details?

Can I add additional properties to my account?

Can I add another person to my account?

Can I remove someone from my account?

How do I close my account?

Pricing and plans

How do I see what plan I’m currently on?

What is the difference between low and standard user rates?

Is a Low User option right for me?

How do I change from standard to low user rates?

What are day/night rates?

When is the night period for my rates?

I have an electric car/electric vehicle/EV. What kind of plan is best for me?


Billing and payments

How can I pay my bill?

Can I move a payment date?

Why doesn’t Meridian offer a prompt payment discount?

What do I do if I think my bill is incorrect?

What reference number should I use when making an internet or phone banking payment?

How long will it take for my payment to show as paid in my bank account?

I have a credit balance on my account. Can I have a refund?

Moving house

I’m moving house – how do I move my Meridian account with me?

My business is moving premises – how do I take my Meridian account with me?

How much notice do I need to give before I move?

I've moved into my new property and the power is off. What do I do?

Will my rates change at my new address?

Are there any charges or fees to move property?


How much does it cost to reconnect my power?

How long will it take for my power to be reconnected?

Do I need to be home when my power is reconnected?

What is a Certificate of Verification and why would I need one?

Can I get my power turned off for a short amount of time?



How do I know if I have a smart meter?

How do I upgrade to a smart meter?

How do I know what my meter type is?

How do I know what rates my meter is set up with?

Will it cost me to change my meter set-up?

How do I read my meter?

I’ve received a high bill and think my usage is too high, what do I do?

How do I track my power usage?

How do I download my energy consumption data?

I think my meter is broken. What should I do?

How does my meter set-up affect what I pay?

What does day/night metering mean?

What does night only metering mean?

What does controlled vs uncontrolled metering mean?

What does inclusive metering mean?


Electric vehicles

I've just bought an electric vehicle (EV) – what plans do you have for EV drivers?

I've sold my EV, can I remain on the Electric Car Plan?

I have a hybrid car. Can I still get EV rates on the Electric Car Plan?



How do I get solar power in my home?

Can I sell the solar power I generate back to Meridian?

Online tools and app

How do I access my account?

I don’t have an email address; how do I log in?

Where can I download the app?

How do I unlock my account?

I’m not receiving a verification email. What do I do?

What can I do online?


What do I do if I’ve lost power and there’s no scheduled outage?

Why do network companies sometimes turn off the power?

Can Meridian arrange for the planned power outage to be postponed or cancelled?

I didn't get a notification of an outage, what do I do?

I’m medically dependent on power – what do I do if there’s a planned outage?

Where can I find more information about outages in my network?


Other services

Does Meridian provide gas/LPG?

Who is Elgas?

Does Meridian provide internet?