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Meridian fees

Service fees

We’ve recently reviewed our service fees and have made some changes to the names, descriptions and fees. We’ve broken these fees down, provided more of a description and some fees that require remote services have been reduced.

Payment fees

(Third parties such as your bank may charge their own fees)

Direct debit (recurring payments from a bank account) None
Online one-off and recurring payments (credit or debit card) 0.76% processing fee applies
Internet/phone banking (payment by internet or phone banking) None


Administration fees

Credit reminder (written notice of an overdue account) $5
Bill sent by post (bill sent by standard mail will incur a fee - including GST) $2.50
Copies of account (fee for each paper bill copy requested) $6
Late payment fee (business customers only)

2% of total overdue balance at time of missed payment (inc. gst)


Meter Fees

Where non-standard work is required, extra charges may apply and will be quoted before work begins. This could include repairs to a customer owned meter board or the installation of current transformers.

Connection of electricity to a property for the first time*

Standard new connection (within 5 working days) - $85

After hours/urgent new connection (within 2 working days) - $135

Cancellation of new connection - $85

Changes to a temporary connection** Up/down-grade of temporary builder supply - $150

Call out fee for cancelled or absent visit


Issue is property related and not with meter

Call out is cancelled when contractor is on route, no one is at the site at the prearranged time, or the issue is property related - $125

After hours/urgent call out is cancelled when after hours/urgent contractor is on route, no one is at the site at the prearranged time, or the issue is property-related - $175

Meter reseal Resealing the meter after work has been completed - $125
Disconnection or reconnection of electricity to a property

Remote – disconnection or reconnection is completed remotely - $25

After hours remote – reconnection is completed remotely - $75

On site – disconnection or reconnection requires site visit - $125

After hours/urgent on site – disconnection or reconnection requires site visit - $175

Permanent disconnection, includes recovery of the meter - $150

Meter test Fee only applies if the meter test establishes no equipment failure - $220
Meter change, removal or relocation

Remote - meter configuration to change pricing plan: $25 (if remote access is possible, otherwise a standard fee of $150 will apply)

Standard – on site meter change, removal or relocation** - $150

Complex – on site meter change involving current transformer (CT) metering or is otherwise complex** - $220

Import/export meter installation Install a new, relocate or physically reconfigure a standard import/export meter** - $150
Meter confirmation call out Site visit is required to confirm the meter details - $125
Smart meter modification Site visit is required to modify a smart meter - $165
Meter reading visit

Standard, on-site meter reading -$25

Urgent, on-site meter reading by appointment - $45

*Fee will be quoted where installation of current transformer (CT) onto switchboard is required.

**Please note these fees do not include the cost of any related work by an electrician, electrical inspector or a network company