Beware hoax meter readers

We've been alerted to two men posing as meter readers in Redwood, Christchurch. Find out more.

Move house with Meridian

Take us with you when you move and get a handy welcome pack. We’ll connect your new place so it's good to go when you arrive. Tell us your new address at least 3 working days before you move in.

Or phone us on 0800 496 496

Your bill

View your bill online, choose how to pay it, ask to get it sent by email, or get tips on understanding it.

Reading your meter

Learn how to read your meter and send us a reading.

A smarter way to manage your energy

Smart meters allow you to monitor your electricity use in more detail.

  • You’ll get fewer estimated bills
  • You won’t need frequent visits from a meter reader
  • You can monitor your usage online via our MyMeridian online tool
  • In future, you’ll be able to have innovative, time-of-day pricing —‘Smart Plans’; some of our Christchurch customers already do.
  • More about smart meters

Change plans

Choose variable or fixed pricing, or standard-user or low-user rates, or close your account.

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3 year fixed rate plan

Switch to a three year fixed rate plan, and we guarantee your total electricity rate will stay the same for three years. (Government and regulatory charges may change).

Adding a property or building

Add a second house to your account, or get power hooked up to a building that hasn't had power before.

Or phone us on 0800 496 496.

If you’re medically dependent on electricity

Do you rely on mains electricity for medical support, such as a ventilator or for dialysis? Does someone in your household? Would a power cut result in serious harm or death?

Let us know. We’ll make a note on your account, and try to keep your power on unless something happens that’s beyond our reasonable control. (However, we can’t prevent things like power cuts, so you need backup power.)

You need to tell us if you’re medically dependent. And you and your doctor or health provider also need to complete the form below. Download it here, or ask us to post a copy to you. Send it back to Meridian Energy, PO Box 2128, Christchurch.

Complete this form:  Notice of Potential MDC Status (PDF 183KB)

You still need backup power.

Contact us




  • If losing power could cause you harm, or you’re having trouble paying