Meridian Wind Farm v2

Two wheels, two motors, no gas, no noise.

The Ubco 2x2 is the world's first dual electric drive motorbike.

Designed for hard-working kiwi farmers, the Ubco 2x2 gives you the power to go. The Lithium-Ion battery not only fuels the bike; it powers all your tools at the same time, from your phone to your drill.

Cart your gear around the farm with ease.

Adapt the Ubco 2x2 as you need, with 17 clever accessory lugs located across the bike. And all of this with a running cost of just 88 cents per 100km. Choice.

“It’s nice to sit behind the cows without the noise and smoke of a petrol bike. The bike is good in the mud too, the 2-wheel drive provides good traction, and it doesn’t spin out like our other petrol bikes do.” – David Verwey, Dairy Farmer, Te Puke.