We're proud to be a platinum partner of the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce (HVCC).

Join Meridian today on a two-year Fixed Energy Plan and as a member of Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, you'll get a welcome credit of up to $600.

There are many other reasons to choose Meridian to power your business:

  • Save time - running a business is hard work. Our dedicated business specialists can help set you up and make sure you’re on the right plan, so you can spend your time on more important things.
  • Supporting renewable power - we generate power from 100% renewable energy resources, so you can boost your business’ green credentials.
  • Choice - we have a range of plans to make sure you get the right energy solution for your business
  • Flexibility - we have flexible pricing plans and you can also pick your own payment date, so you can fit these in with your business’ needs.
  • Save money - our range of online tools allows you to actively manage your business’ power usage


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About Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber provides expert business advice, learning  and development, as well as invaluable opportunities for network building, all to help businesses achieve their goals. You can find out more about the HVCC here