Are you an existing Meridian customer and want to connect an additional property to your account? It's easy: complete this form at least 3 working days before you need electricity or call our team on 0800 496 496 and we'll take care of the rest.

If you’re building a brand new property and need a temporary builders supply, ask your sparky to call our New Connections Team on 0800 496 600.


Before we start

If you have no power, and you need it urgently connected (within 2 working days), or If you are medically dependant on power,

Please call us on 0800 496 496 instead of filling in this form.

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Is anyone in your household vulnerable?

Vulnerable means either:

  • relying on mains electricity because of age, health, or disability (a power cut may threaten health or wellbeing)
  • having genuine difficulty paying bills due to financial hardship.
Is this the first time electricity is being connected at this property (for example, because the building is new)?

Finishing up

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