Nature needs our help

For now, and for always

For over two decades we’ve only generated electricity from 100% renewable sources. We use our wind farms, hydro stations and solar arrays to harness the energy that comes from the wind, water and sun. We’re committed to doing good things with our energy and that means going beyond generation and doing everything we can to help New Zealand decarbonise.

Nature’s calling

We know the challenges that face our planet can be overwhelming. Like you, we’re hungry for change and we’ve got the motivation to take action. 

Nature’s calling on us all and we’re committed to doing the right thing by her. We’ve got to be better and take action to protect Nature and all the precious treasures she gives us.

We’re committed to taking action

At Meridian, we believe there’s more we can do, so we’re working to build a better future – for our customers, for our communities and for Nature. We’re proud of the steps we’re taking to help New Zealand decarbonise and this is just the beginning. We have heaps of ideas in the pipeline to contribute to achieving a net-zero carbon future.

Be part of the journey – together we’ve got the power to make a difference.


The proof’s in the pudding

These things are easy to say. But what really matters, is the action we’re taking.

Harapaki Wind Farm

We’re building our 6th wind farm and using the 41 new wind turbines to generate 176 MW of energy.  That’s enough energy harnessed from wind to power 70,000 average houses a year.


Zero EV Charging Network

Our passenger fleet is 100% electric, and we want to empower New Zealanders to join us on the electric journey. That’s why we’re installing EV chargers around Aotearoa to create an EV charging network that’ll help make going electric even easier.  


Certified Renewable Energy

Our Certified Renewable Energy Product enables businesses to report their market-based Scope 2 emissions as zero^.  We’re taking all the net proceeds from Certified and reinvesting them back into decarbonisation projects.


Forever Forests

We’ve planted over 90,000 seedlings around New Zealand, and this year we’re planning to plant 250,000 more. Over the next five years, we’ll continue this mahi, planting permanent forests which will soak up carbon in the atmosphere, so Kiwis can enjoy our whenua for generations to come.

Kākāpō Recovery Programme

Since 2015, we’ve teamed up with the Department of Conservation to support the Kākāpō Recovery Programme and take this taonga species off the endangered list and back to their former range – just the way that Nature intended.


Process Heat Electrification Programme

We’re working with businesses to electrify their process heat systems. That means saying goodbye to their dependence on fossil fuels and the carbon emissions they produce.


Ruakākā Energy Park

At Ruakākā, we’re planning to build an energy park. There’ll be a large-scale solar farm and we’ll use a battery to store energy for a rainy day so we can continue to meet Aotearoa’s demand for power.

Our backyards

We’ve been working for many years to reduce our impacts on water and biodiversity in the areas we generate from. In both the Waitaki and Waiau catchments, this includes Project River Recovery, the Elver Trap and Transfer programme and the restoration of the Waiau river.

^Using the market-based reporting methodology as per the GHG Protocol’s Scope 2 Standards


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