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We’ve got your back this Moving Day with:

  • A $400 Moving credit* for your dairy shed
  • Our dedicated agribusiness team ready to make your move as smooth as possible
  • A range of plans to suit how you run your farm
  • An easy, no obligation quote
  • Mates rates when you bill through Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson or Ruralco

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    A team for farmers

    You’re dealing with some of the best in the business. Our dedicated agribusiness team and phone line means you can be sure whoever you chat to about your energy needs, gets it. And you won’t get that anywhere else.

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    Power for farmers

    We’re not farmers – but we’re damn good at powering farms. We understand that each farm is different, so we’ve got a range of plan options to suit your needs. They’re flexible for the time of day and the season, and we’ll help you pick what’s best for the way you run your farm.

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    Partnerships with rural suppliers

    We’re the only power company that partners with all top rural supply companies: Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson and Ruralco. Put your power bill through your rural supply company account for great benefits and discounts.

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100% renewable energy generation

Like you, the environment is at the core of our business – so we’re committed to looking after it. That’s why all the electricity we generate comes from 100% renewable sources.

If all that’s not enough to convince you, our agribusiness team is happy to arrange a free price comparison so you can see what you might pay with us.

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Moving Day tips: from one farmer to another

We chatted to Dairy Woman of the Year 2019, Trish Rankin, to get her take on how to make moving farms smooth sailing.

Where to from here?

When you know you need to move, think about what’s important for your next farm: not just the hectares, but the home and community that comes with it.

“Write a list of what you need and what you want in a new farm for you and your family, and prioritise based on that,” says Trish.

Get in early

“The minute you know you’re shifting, book.”

This is Trish’s biggest piece of advice to help take some of the load off come moving time. Book your stock truck and moving company, and organise things like power, internet and post. They’re things you can tick off early, so you can focus on packing and getting from A to B later down the track.

One thing every week

Whether it’s a cupboard clean out, wardrobe stock take or working out whether the kids have outgrown their bikes, Trish says getting organised by tackling one small thing every week makes moving so much more doable.

Be kind to yourself

Moved further afield? Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to settle in – not just to your house and farm, but the community.

“It takes a while to find your people, those that share your values and you’re comfortable inviting round for dinner,” says Trish.

“These things take time, so don’t rush it, and be kind to yourself.”

Shifting power checklist

If you’re after an expert in moving sharemilkers’ power for the new season, look no further than our National Agribusiness Manager, Dave Greenwood. Here’s his advice on managing your power in the early days on your new farm.

Read your meters

In the few days after you’ve moved in, send us your meter readings to ensure your first bill is based on your usage – not someone else’s.

Check you’re getting all your bills

When you're busy finding your way round the new patch, it’s easy to overlook a missing bill for one of your worker’s houses or a pump way down the back. If you think anything’s missing, give us a call and we’ll look into it for you.

Keep tabs on energy use

Sign up to our free online tool that allows you to monitor your energy usage, update your details and receive and pay your bills.

Have your electricity capacity checked

Make sure you’re not paying for capacity you don’t need. A sparky or your local network company will be able to check your meter configuration to see whether that’s the case – as the previous farmers may have been higher electricity users than you. This is especially important if you downgrade or remove any farm machinery or equipment.

Compare prices

Keep your power under one roof. If any sites at your new farm are with other power companies, switch them to Meridian to make it easy to manage. We’ll send you a no obligation price comparison so you can see what you might pay before you sign up.