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Pay the same amount every month

LevelPay takes the surprise out of paying your power bill. It means that your bill payments are spread evenly throughout the year, so you’ll pay the same amount each week, fortnight or month – that’s completely up to you!

We’ll still send you a bill each month and will keep an eye on your account to make sure that your payments cover the power you use throughout the year. If it looks like you need to pay less or more, we’ll be in touch. No worries.

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Does your bill come at an awkward time of the month?

Choose the day of each month that you want to pay your bill. We'll send you the bill 14 days before your payment date.

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Trouble paying?

If you are having trouble paying your electricity bills, or think you will soon, get in touch. If you’re in hardship because you genuinely don’t have enough money, we can help.

We call you a ‘vulnerable customer’ if you’re in hardship, or you would suffer harm without power. Don’t be embarrassed about letting us know. Whatever your circumstances, we want to keep your power on.